Why didn’t it exist early before? Simply because nobody in Burundi (except Bishop Dr. Justin Baransananikiye the director of the MUSIC INSTITUTE OF GITEGA) had studied Music and Musicology on a high graduate level and be prepared to take up the MUSIC THERAPY profession which does not exist at all in the country.

Founded by Bishop Dr. Justin Baransananikiye in 2013, the MUSIC INSTITUTE OF GITEGA, Burundi, was officially registered No.226.01/CAB/1405/DGCA/2013 with the Ministry of Culture and started training in Music studies young Burundians laureates from high schools. A first group of twelve (12) will complete their bachelor in Music and Musicology in April 2017, and needs NOW to attend URGENTLY an “INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC THERAPY” course along with training workshops in order to be prepared to serve at the FIRST BURUNDI MUSIC THERAPY CENTER to be opened in July 2017.

Five more MUSIC THERAPY CENTERS are planned to be also planted in Burundi by 2018. International volunteer helpers are needed. In the meantime, six (6) among our expected laureates from the MUSIC INSTITUTE OF GITEGA (including 3 young ladies and 3 gentlemen) will immediately attend a “Masters in Music Therapy” at universities abroad and come back to lead these new centers.

Therefore, the MUSIC INSTITUTE OF GITEGA issues officially an appeal for cooperation and partnership with any international music therapists experts and all interested organizations working in this field to join the project. The first clinic specialized in Music therapy is to be erected soon here in Burundi and investors are welcome as well. Hundreds cases of children and adults with various disabilities and mental and psychiatric troubles really need an urgent music therapy intervention and assistance.

Detailed information along with documents will be sent on request to any interested person/organization. Please contact:

(Institut de Musicologie de Gitega)
P.O.Box 197 Gitega
Burundi (East Africa)
Tel: +257 79 877 097 or +257 79 942 375


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Ancien professeur de Musique, Justin BARANSANANIKIYE fut l’un des fondateurs de l’Orchestre national du Burundi en 1977. Il a participé à différents programmes inter-africains pour la promotion de la Musique tenus au Niger, au Bénin et au Togo. En 1991, il reçoit son « Doctor of Divinity », et en 1993, son « Doctor of Ministry » de Asia Graduate University and Theological Seminary, ainsi que l’« International Culture Prize in Religion ». Evêque depuis 1999, il est le fondateur de L’INSTITUT DE MUSICOLOGIE DE GITEGA en 2013. Il est aussi auteur du livre "THE SWEEPING WAVE", (ISBN : 978-1-4567-8172-9) publié en 2011 aux éditions Authorhouse, Indiana, USA, et aussi "DE L'INANGA A LA GUITARE CLASSIQUE-L'HISTOIRE DE LA NAISSANCE DE LA MUSIQUE BURUNDAISE MODERNE" en 2014.

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